Tuesday, November 11, 2014

One Year Old!

This sweet little boy is one whole year old. Since I haven't detailed every waking moment of his life in this journal like I have with the other two I thought I should get something down so years from now he too will know how much he is loved and what a sweet little boy he was (let's hope that part sticks).

The first year of Rhett's life has been a dream. He came quickly into this world and nestled right into my heart. He was a snugly and loving baby. I actually didn't mind late night feeding because I could just hold him and snuggle him and love him. He rarely fussed or cried for no reason-I'm telling you, literally my dream baby.

Since birth he has been quick to smile and loves to laugh. He has brought so much completeness to our lives that I find it humorous now that it was this long debate about whether or not we should have another child. The wholeness he brings reassures my heart that he was meant for us. It was by divine design that I get to be his Mommy and I feel immensely blessed.

Having a boy is quite different than having girls. He likes rougher play, he is loud and he is tough and this boy can EAT! After bath time we will chase him on our bed, lift him up and throw him on the pillow pile. He laughs and laughs. He yells to get our attention...and to signal that he wants food-NOW! He will fall and hit his head or bump his little body on the ground and he doesn't cry. He'll usually make an "owie" face, rub that area and keep on keepin on. He is very mischievous and is constantly testing his boundaries. His favorite havoc to reek is playing in Roxy's food bowl-dumping, throwing and sometimes eating the little pebbles. Ha!

Right now he is trying soooo hard to walk. He can take about 6ish steps before pile driving onto the floor. It looks like it hurts so badly, but he just picks right up and tries again. He has showed very little interest in walking until recently. Probably because he can crawl about 20 miles an hour. He loves, loves, loves to be outside. We'll put him out on the back porch and he'll play with the dog and explore for hours. Cold, wet or hot...outside is his favorite place to be!

Rhett only has two teeth at nearly 13 months that are just barely popping through-one on the bottom and one on the top (on opposite sides of each other). However, that doesn't stop this kid from gumming everything from grilled cheese to steak. He loves food and if you eat anything in front of him, be prepared to share!

A few other fun tidbits:

  • He knows what "hot" means and will blow over and over again if you tell him "that's hot"!
  • He said his first word that other day, "Go!"
  • He loves to through various round object and go chase after them. He'll do this over and over again. 
  • Besides being outside he loves Aubrey's bedroom (there are so many fun things in there). 
  • He just learned to give kisses, but he'll make you work for one. 
  • He loves the trampoline. 

This little boy is the light of my life right now. He is so happy to see his Mama and wants me to play and hold him as much as possible. I marvel that he is here and he is mine. How truly blessed our
family is to have this sweet little guy in our world.

                                     Nicknames: Bugga, Buggy, Bug and Bubba.

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