Friday, June 13, 2014


I’ve been contemplating life lately. I figure since I am approaching my 35th year of life I could be considered to be somewhat of an expert in contemplating ;).

There have been many blessings that have come from this pregnancy, but one of my favorites is feeling taken care of and having a deeper love and appreciation for my husband.

 I love Paul and when we married I loved him, but I had no idea how much more I would come to love him as we journeyed along life’s path together. The past several months the ailments of pregnancy have forced me to slow down and really do a whole lot of nothing. The fruits of nothing are spending time with your kids and your husband who get to accompany you while doing nothing.

My favorite has been sitting with Paul. Talking about and anticipating our new baby. We walk a lot too and discuss the past, the trials we have endured, sprinkled here and there with ideas about our future. This, right now, is how I have seen marriage played out in the movies, but what I never though could be reality. But it’s actually happening in real time. I have a loving husband, who I can trust, who takes care of and loves me unconditionally. And the best part…this wonderfulness is reciprocated! Creating a Utopian state for me. This closeness with him has made me consider heaven and premonitions of what it will be like. I anticipate it will be much like my “now” with Paul. A great and vast feeling of love and appreciation and part of me can’t wait for it!

Simultaneously, while in this moment, I realize its delicacy. Change is looming on our horizon and this “season” of closeness and contentment will be replaced with adjusting to life with a newborn. Still, I can’t help but appreciate this glimpse into what life and marriage can be like. This moment has been seared into my heart and I feel utter gratitude to even experience a marriage like this; to feel loved and cared for in this way has been momentous for me and I’ll cherish it always

Thank you Paul for making me feel like the center of your universe during this wonderful season. You are truly my everything and I look forward to eternity with you!

*Readers: feel free to roll your eyes now. This is dripping with cheese, but it comes from the sincerest part of me! 

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