Friday, June 13, 2014

Happy Birthday: Rhett Warren Stoddard

On October 15th  at 11:20am my sweet little baby boy rushed into this world-totally excited to join our family.

Our induction was scheduled for 8am and we were all hooked up and ready to go. We had a rough night with Aubrey being a little nervous anticipating the baby’s arrival. She was up vomiting all night and Paul and I got little sleep so I was excited to have hours upon hours to sleep. We were hunckering down for the long haul since Aubrey took 8ish hours to get here.

Every 30 minutes the nurses would come in and turn up the Pitocin. It wasn't even an hour in and those contractions were getting really intense. Paul was OUT shortly after I got all hooked up so I didn't want to wake him since there was little he could really do. We both tried to sleep while every 30 minutes those faithful nurses would come and crank things up.

About 9:30 I decided I was ready for that epidural so we called and by 10ish the nurses were back and I was in the most pain I had ever experienced. Pitocin was KILLING me. We mentioned that I called for the drugs more than 30 minutes ago, but no one came. They rushed and got the anesthesiologist in and by 10:30 I was hooked up. However…the edge was off, but I could still feel everything. It was awful.

The nurse and midwife left and said that I would start to feel a lot of pressure and when I did to call them. They no more than walked out the room and that ton of pressure was ON. Our midwife came in checked at I was a 9. That was not even 30 minutes following my epidural. P.S. I could still feel everything.

She sat in the room and got things ready and the nurses came back to. And said I would be pushing soon. I was freaking out because I could STILL FEEL EVERYTHING. I hadn't felt more than slight pressure with the girls so I was in panic. I was trying to get a crash course from the nurse or midwife or anyone who was willing to give me any bit of advice on how to get through this next scary part.

Everyone was too busy to help me. Finally the anesthesiologist came back to give me a “rush dose”, but at that point it was really too late. The midwife, finally seeing my panic, told me not to worry that I had already done the hard and painful part to labor to a 10. That little reassurance was all I needed and a few minutes later (literally) we welcomed our 8 pound, 19 inch completely adorable little boy into the world. It was painful, but so very wonderful.

3 hours flat from set up to delivery. This baby was as ready to come out as I was to have him out!

Welcome to our family my sweet little boy! 

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