Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Summer Vacation 2011: San Diego

My heart is in San Diego, I can't lie. Sometimes when I am stressed I picture myself on the beach and peacefull bliss enters in. It truly is magical. So when we planned, yet another, summer vaca to SD I couldn't help but count down the days. This vacation was especially exciting as we were going to spend the week with Paul's brother and their family. I love to see the cousin's play together so the thought of a whole week of that was truly exciting.

We did all the fun things we love about SD. We introduced Aubrey to Sea World and she was extrememly impressed. We hung at the beach, boogie boarded, attempted smores on the beach and ate and ate at our fav SD spots. Plus we got to chat and hang with family the whole time and it truly was one of the best vacations to date. Thanks Rob & Kerri (& kids) for a wonderful vacation. We'll have to do it again sometime! Thanks to that trip Oreos will forever been know as "Nachos" ;) (inside joke...funnier if you had been there).

Proof of our fun.

 Aubie "reading" us the map. She does know it's upside down and backwards.
That's how she reads. 

Pretty sure I could stay here all day and watch these cousins play together.

I want to take a moment here to record for my posterity how much I love my kids (ok and San Diego). I don't know a single woman who enjoys getting into a swim suit. I am actually getting to where I get physically upset by just the mere mention of it. Yet, here I am in all my glory-thighs touching and the whole 9 yards. Children of mine pause now and look. LOOK! In my thickness and whiteness I squished myself into a swim suit and hauled this big rear to the beach...for you. I don't know what could be a greater representation of my love for you...ok AND my love for SD ;). Pure sacrafice is what this picture represents. Remember it always!

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