Sunday, February 20, 2011

Be My Valentine

I love Valentine's day! I actually love the first 14 days of February. Following Christmas is a tough gig and with January's gloomy Utah weather it gives us something fun and special to look forward to.

Instead of treats and toys and love notes Paul and I did a "Valentine Countdown". Everyday was something different-"write a love letter and mail it", "do something nice and spontaeneous today for your valentine", "kiss 14 times today". We sort of fizzled out after my surgery, but the first 9 days were fun. Kylee loves "14 days" I have said it before nothing gets Ky out of bed like these hidden Valentine's :).

I know some people think this is a made up holiday-a way for Hallmark and florists to make money. All reasons that I completly agree with. However, I embrace a time of year that gives me the opportunity to express love that is outside of the ordinary everyday ways I say "I love you" to Paul and my kids.

Our tradition of molten lava cakes and chinese take out were delicious. Afterward, Paul wheeled me around Home Depot for an hour. What could be more romantic? Ha ha

I hope your Valentine's Day was full of hugs, kisses and a greater appreciation for those you love.

One of our first countdown items was "Exhange cheesy valentine's that you make of buy for less than a dollar". Here's what we exchanged.

Paul literally cut 100 little hearts. He is a gem.

I gave this to him and promptly ate half this bag of white chocolate popcorn deliciousness.

Yes...I truly love Valentine's!!

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Brie said...

I looked at last years 14 days of Valentines. And it all came flooding back. I wanted to do that last year after reading about it on your blog. I guess I need to put a post-it on my calendar. Once again, what a great idea!

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