Saturday, January 8, 2011

Stoddard Family Christmas Party 2010

I love this family party. It really kicks off Christmas for me, unlike anything else we do. This year was no exception. We ate and laughed and laughed. I had the best time ever.

We did several games this year. I  had a guessinng game for the kids where they guess the items in a few tins. Keaton and Bo were the winners. I loved that nearly all the kids put "1" for a box that actually had 8 things in it. The adult guessing game was a large box wrapped and they had to guess how many items were inside. This year I put all the fixings for a ham dinner along with wrapping paper and tags. Congrats to Neal & Stacy our lucky winners. Neal guessed it right on-10 items!

We also had a few games from minute 2 win it. They made me laugh sooo hard. Loved it. Even Russ & Joan got into the action. Here are a few of my fav pics from the games.

Love this one of Joan!

Like Mother, like Daughter


Russ & Joan jitterbugged their way to victory...with Russ dumping out all the bells-ha! They are darling.
 Way to go Blythe! This was by far the hardest game.
Tyson, you kill me!

All the kids performed, we ate lasagna (Stoddard family tradition) had a hot chocolate bar, a secret santa gift exchange and an ugly sweater contest (Ella won that with her darling little rudolph light up shirt). Then we sang the 12 days of Christmas like it was goin out of style. Regina was my favorite singer/screaming partner. Followed by Russ reciting Luke 2.
It was the best Family Christmas Party EVER-(if I do say so myself).

I love being a Stoddard!

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Emily said...

Fun! I'm intrigued by this minute 2 win it that seems to be the new rage, I'll have to look it up...and I'm having a girls night later this month featuring a hot chocolate bar, which now that I've thought about it seems rather difficult to pull off, I'd love any pointers you might have in doing one successfully?!

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