Sunday, December 19, 2010


Before I get into our Thanksgiving hoopla, I want to express sincere gratiude for the out pouring of love from my amazing friends and family. I have mentioned before that my p-blessing says "you have a keen ability to make fine friends". I truly do have fine friends and a loving family. I posted this awhile ago and suddenly came and unexpected and immediate outpouring of love and support.  Friends bringing me dinner, watching my kids, emails of love and support. I truly felt bouyed up. And my thanksgiving table I thought of each of you. I am truly blessed. I love you all.

This Thanksgiving (for me) wasn't the best one, I have to be honest. It's not one I want to remember so I am just going to show a picture of the centerpiece I made for the kids table, thank my husband for my "re-thanksgiving" and call it good. Oh and mention the turkey was amazingly delicious. Thank you America's Test Kitchen :).

I am soliciting invites to your house for next Thanksgiving...any takers? I'll make a pie or something? How about Martinelli's? Anyone...anyone?

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