Monday, October 11, 2010


Saturday was a beautiful day for the zoo! We had a great time enjoying the animals and the weather. Have I mentioned I love fall!

Aparently, Aubrey is terrified of giant turtles moving toward her...even if it's at rate of a half a foot per hour. These are the moments I love as a parent. I kept having her look at it and she would FrEaK! Ha ha

Ky just read a book about Gorilla's so she was pumped to see one. She was a little disappointed it wasn't a baby. I can totallly see the resemblance.

Aubrey wasn't quite sure about this statue. Real or fake? She wouldn't get close enough to tell.

Our monkeys

My favorite was the baby elephant. Could this little thing be cuter?

Paul loves the giraffe's. It was licking the side of the wall over and over. I think they need more giraffe toys. What a tongue!


Christy said...

bahahahah! I love the pic of Aubs and the turtle...and i love that you kept torturing her :) i can't stop laughing about it!

I also love the gorilla pics w/ Ky and the elephant is adorable!!

so fun!

Tiffany Bills said...

Great pictures! The weather did look great, I love Fall too :)
PS I might sneak into your house and steal that Ute shirt...don't worry, I'll replace it with something blue! hahaha

Heather said...

Oh the turtle...I am still laughing. Way to capture the moment with your fancy camera.

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