Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

I declare Halloween 2010 the best Halloween ever!

The night began terribly. Aubrey was in a foul mood after getting in trouble for playing with the bright red lipstick we were using for Kylee's costume. Let me re-phrase...for playing with, then STEPPING in and all around the living room carpet with the bright red lipstick. Tears! Oh, the tears. Kylee, always the helpful one, continued to point out that our carpet is just "polka dot" now and "wasn't that bad". We scrubbed and rubbed and...yeah that ain't comin out.

Then it rained. No, it poured. "Like a cow pissin on a rock" (as my mom would say). Door-to-door was out at that point so we headed to the mall to brave the herds there. It was really ridicuous. I felt like cattle and almost every store was out of candy. Luckily, the weather began clearing up.

And here is where the night takes a turn for the better...

We took the girls up by Kylee's art teacher over in the "nicer" area behind UVU. We scored! Not only was the offerings awesome (3 regular size candy bars, microwave popcorn and a can of soda!), but the area felt so nostalgic. There were families all over with their kids. Almost everyone's lawn was perfectly manicured. We would run to the door to get the candy with the other mob of kids. Everyone was all smiles and so friendly. Aubrey even got to meet Cinderella and Belle at one house. Two teenagers came to the door dressed and playing the parts. Aubrey couldn't take her eyes off them. It was so funny. We laughed and had so much fun.

Surprisingly, Aubrey loved trick or treating. She performed for nearly every house lifing up her arms to show how her arms worked. She was wearing tights and a dance leotard and held out for 2 hours in more than chilly weather...WITHOUT A FUSS. It was a Great Pumpkin Miracle. However, she couldn't muster enough strength to stay awake on the car ride home. The promise of candy can only go so far.

The girls ended up with literally buckets full of candy. And so, I declare 2010 to be the best Halloween EVER! Mostly because Paul was there to share in our fun. A first in several years that he could be with us on this All Hallows Eve.

Our "Spider Princess".
Several people said "cool wig". That is all naturale folks!

 Our "Cute Spider"...trying to be scary!


Cherrybaby said...

Great costumes! There is a girl in my ward with twin just turned 3 year old girls and she says WD 40 is the thing to use to get anything out of anything. Of course, if the carpet got dyed then you'll just get to enjoy the polka dots. Glad it cleared up and you found such a great place to trick or treat!

Christy said...

so sad i wasn't there to trick or treat w/ you this year!

Love, love, love the costumes!! Ky's hair looks awesome :) I hope my kids are that cool!

love the sleeping spider!

Janine said... the costumes. Did you make them? I am a little jealous that you have buckets of candy. The rain ruined our night.

Brie said...

I love those costumes. They are amazing. Especially Kylee's. Her hair and make-up just blows me away. Is there anything you can't do? Happy Halloween.

Kerri said...

Your trick or treating experience sounds awesome. Maybe we should go in that area next year.

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