Thursday, August 5, 2010

Timp Hike

On the 23rd Paul and I hiked Timp. It was fun to spend the whole day with Paul. A special thanks to Janae and Kyle for watching the girls while we hiked. We love you guys!

The hike was beautiful, packed and long. It look us 7 hours to get up and down. We didnt' make it to the very top because we ran out of time, but we walked up high enough to see the entire valley. My favorite part was all the wild flowers. Everywhere. It was beautiful.

Hiking down was the most painful thing ever, I can't lie. I rolled my ankle close to the top and my knees were on fire. There were a few times on the way down I wanted to sit on the trail and cry, it was that bad. I guess I can see why people hike up to Emerald Lake, sleep and then come down. Nevertheless, I am glad we did it. I enjoyed spending the entire day with my hubby laughing and talking about this and that. It is such a feeling of accomplishment to finally come over that hill and see the valley like that. I loved it..
I just won't be hiking it again anytime soon :)


Tiffany Bills said...

KUDOS for doing it at guys rock!

It looks beautiful, glad you had fun!

Christy said...

i am so sad we missed it :( and yes you will be climbing it again soon...with me!!!

andreyandjami said...

Oh, how I hate hiking, but love to see the pictures!! I wish that I would enjoy to hike but can't stand it. It kills my knees! Grrr.. if I were rich I would take a helicopter everywhere!

Brad and Amber said...

Ah the hike of hell!

Paula said...

Way to go. Isn't it the most beautiful hike. I wish I had the stamina like you.

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