Thursday, July 1, 2010

Aberdeen Daze

We spent the weekend celebrating my new found freedom from studying in none other an the 11,000,005th wonder of the world, Aberdeen Idaho.


I moved to Aberdeen when we left my dad in 1987. It might as well have been the center of the universe because in my world it was! I loved it there. I still marvel at the strength it took my mother to leave with 4 children all on her own and make it work. How terrifying that must have been. She was 26 years old. Mom worked a lot, I remember that. We were alone at lot too, but we took care of each other. Aberdeen is a tiny-not even that- it's a dinky little town, but I felt free there.

As I stroll down the "main street"-really the only double sided street of Aberdeen, a flood of memories come rushing back...

Turning every couch cushion and jean pocket searching for pennies for a sugar fix at the Family Quick Stop. When you are six Sweedish fish can't be beat. I remember waiting for my Mom at the police station after my brother broke both his arms on the swing at school. Playing for hours and hours the city park. Putting pennies on the train track. Getting 2 weeks off of school for "Potato Harvest". Getting baptised with my brother at the Pingree Stake Center. Hanging out at the library (which is the size of bathroom in the Provo library). Swimming in the field between the elementary school and the high school when they would flood it wih irrigation water. Sounds so nasty now, but I would totally do it again if I could be six again. I received my first "ten speed" red fancy bike here and I felt pretty sweet riding it down the dirt roads. Aberdeen was the first place I saw dogs mating. It was the first and only time I ran away from home-to the boat docks! Ha ha. It was where I found my love for basketball as a 3rd grader. I remember riding bikes with my brothers to "the beach" where we stayed all day and barely had the strength to ride home. Abredeen is where I realized there were other religions besides Mormons. Aberdeen has "Klaussenites" as we called them. They have long hair and all the girls wear skirts all the time. They name their children things like "Kambria Klaussen and Kelita Kilcup"-real names, no joke! At 13 I came close to death in Aberdeen. I remember taking walks with my Mom after being released from the hospital so I could get strong enough to go back to school. Several of my friends drove the 45 miles to come visit me in the hospital. I made so many great friends there.

18 years later I look at this town with my adult eyes and the edges have definitly lost their sheen. A town that seemed so vast and full as a child now seems miniscule and vacant. The Quick Stop is a Mexican restuarant, the library looks dingey and run down and "the beach" has lost it's blue sparkle.

It's interesting how life twists and turns. How our memories preserve people and places in time expecting our absence to pause their very existence; preserving everything in pristine condition. Alas, I see that Aberdeen has moved on. I have moved on, both travelling forward toward the lives we are creating. Our experiences and time modifying us both and now I see we no longer "fit" as we once did. However, I cherish these memories of my youth. Memories that built my character and taught me about life. Memories that will forever tie my heart to this little dinky farming town.

The DAZE...

Without a doubt my favorite memories of this town were Aberdeen Daze!  A weekend long extravaganza of food and fun! A free pancake breakfast for the whole town, a parade down main street and a fish fry-who could ask for more? We timed our trip to this luxury town to coincide with "the Daze" and it didn't dissappoint. The cakes were hot the chocolate milk was cold-we had a little visit with the Lewis' and took a stroll down the "sidewalk sales"-all of which took 15 minutes. Ha ha. The girls loved the parade and hanging out at Nana's with all the farm animals. We napped, slipped on the slip in slide, chased chickens, killed Voles and ate yummy food. And even had a stow away on the way home (a story for another time...).

I can't lie that I was ready to wipe the dust from the little town and hit a Target store come Sunday, but I enjoyed visiting with my Mom and chillin out with those laid back country folk.

Aubrey thought she was the parade...

Ky left with a giant bag of salt water taffy. The ONLY candy Aberdeen had, I swear, cuz that's all anyone threw!

This swing was used and used and used. There was laughter and there were tears. Good times!

Paul chased...

And finally caught a chicken (to be slaughtered the next day). Sad.
Mom is growing our Thanksgiving Turkey this year. Here he is. Don't feel bad for him, he is fulfilling the measure of his creation.

Here are more of Nana's animals. Just to clarify...they do NOT eat dogs in Aberdeen :)-I know it's hard to tell.
 Aberdeen's slow pace makes me tired. That or the fact Paul made me run 4 miles with him earlier.

Slip n sliding was fun. Until Paul's turn when he promptly broke it. I guess they mean it when they put "For ages 4-12 years"

Aberdeen sunsets are lovely...


Emily said...

I laughed and sighed at this post. So funny and stereotypical and idyllic and laid back at the same time. Yay for small-town USA!

Brie said...

What a great way to celebrate all your accomplishments.

Okay, I just have to say, you are an amazing writer. I loved reading what you had to say about leaving a place and expecting everything to freeze and stay the same. I knew exactly what you were talking about. And you put it beautifully. That was totally random.

Any way... I'm glad you are having a great summer. And congrats on passing your PHR.

Christy said...

love the pictures...and love that small town feel of life!

if i could choose anytime in my life to would be jackson hole for sure :)

ps - the only picture that aubs is wearing her swim suit is the slip and slide...progress??

Misti said...

Me too Christy! Without a doubt :)

Progress? Sort of-more like bribery hahaha.

Tiffany Bills said...

Have you ever thought about writing as a profession...I'm serious Clark! haha
Really though, I get sucked in and I just want to keep reading.
Loved all the details, so entertaining.
The pictures make me miss you seems like forever since we have hung out.
If you want to join my crew, I'm cool with that ;)

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