Thursday, May 13, 2010

What a weekend!

I had an amazing and exhausting weekend.

My sister arrived on Thursday and I was so happy to see her and spend time together. On Friday we got a massage and she took me out to sushi then we hit the Beehive Bazaar. Saturday we rode in the Goldilocks race in Herriman and spent the remainder of the afternoon shopping with the fam in Salt Lake. The rest of the weekend we lounged around, ate and laughed and laughed. We had so much fun it was hard to see her go. I have to admit I cried when we dropped her off.

I love my sister. We are 5 years apart so growing up we weren't exactly close. I would often yell at her for stealing my clothes and bugging me in general. Our relationship has grown so much since then and the older we get the more I admire her and the woman she is turning into. Jill is loving and easy going and super fun to be around-she is very sweet and kind in nature and sometimes I wonder how we could be sisters because I am just not that way. Ha ha I just love the person she has turned into. I admire her determination and strength and passion for her career. I love what great friendship we have developed and I can't wait to see her become a mommy some day (and not just because she'll finally get stretch marks-although I am secretly excited for that-he, he, he).

The girls also love their"Aunt Jill". Aubrey snuggled and kissed and held Aunt Jill all weekend. Then cried so hard when we had to drop her off. She kept saying, "I go wit her?...I got clothes Daddy?...I go bye bye wit Aunt Jill, okay?". We said, "Yeah okay" then wondered why she cried so hard when Aunt Jill left. Even Ky cried at school and didn't want to go. What a bunch of babies we are. Paul held strong though...way to go honey.

We love Aunt Jill and can't wait til she comes back in September for her bday and the EISF. Only 115 more days!

We had a blast riding Goldilocks with Christy.It was non-competitive ride and all the proceeds goes to bike helmets for those in need so I didn't care that I was riding my mountain bike. I felt so happy the whole ride. Being out there with my two besties and all these other women. I just LOVED it!

Check out more pics here

Mother's day didn't start out so good...I can't lie. Aubrey seemed to sense the day was not about her and was taking matters into her own hands. At church we sat toward the front-smack dab in the middle and she kept yelling "I wanna go home". Over and over. Ky felt sick because her dress was too tight and she was nervous for her talk so she whined until I let her go home and change. Finally we got home and relaxed and the kiddos settled down. Paul made us some amazing grilled pizza and Jill helped me finish my cake and I opened gifts. Along with Paul's debut on my blog here [his post alone was worth nine months of vomiting while pregnant to gain the title of Mommy]. He also gave me a cooking session for two at Sur La Table (so awesome).

Paul rarely communicates his feelings in words so his post meant the world to me (I won't tell you how inadequate I felt to all the compliments given-but I guess I just did). The fact is...I am able to do all the things I do because of him. He sacrifices his time for me to pursue my hobbies and interests and so I can spend time with friends and serve those we love. He is the one watching the girls while I bake and work and do all I do. He is the awesome one. Without his support I couldn't do any of it. We complement each other well. I love him so much!

Aubrey gave me a song. "Happy Mommy". Paul practiced with her all week. I laughed hard. It was so cute.

Ky gave me a plant in a cup-the crown jewel of elementary school gifts. I love it and she gave me this watercolor book written and illustrated by her...I love her artsy abilities (just like her daddy) and I can't get enough of the phonetic spelling. Just darling. I have read it and looked at it a hundred times. I am so blessed to be her Mom.

"No other mom can bake like you"

"Because you take me to movies"

"Because you are so crafty" (she totally did the home sign we have in our living room-too cute)

"Because you take me on picnics"

"You are a good painter" no clue where this one is coming from :)

"You garden with me"...really this means "you make me weed' ha ha

"Best Mom in the HOLE world" love that!!

I also have to say how much I love my Mom. 2 years ago I posted this about her.  I read it again today and I am still amazed at her sweet hair and make up as well as her ability, strength and endurance. She has become a hero to me as I have become a mother. When times are rough I think of her with us as kids and find the strength to keep going. Lately I have been reflecting on our relationship. We weren't close until I married and moved out. Now I realize how much I value and need that love and support from her in my life more than ever and how important the love and influence she has on my children really is. They love really... they LOVE her. She has a special bond with them and I am so grateful for that. She has much to teach them.

I just want to say that I love you Mom. I apprecaite all you have sacraficed on my behalf from completeing your education to the stretch marks and extra pounds. I know I was a surprise in your life-not exaxtly a planned baby, but I feel blessed to be placed in your home and under your care-to learn from you and glean from you independence and strength. You are amazing and I hope you know it!


Tiffany Bills said...

I get sucked in when I read your posts...your THAT good! Loved it :)


Heather said...

Your last 2 posts...loved them. Way to express your love Paul, seriously great! Also it was wonderful to have a countdown to the Carnie!!!!!!!

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