Monday, April 19, 2010


This weekend was amazing. The weather was awesome, I had a girls night, hiked the Y, went on a bike ride and picnic with the family and had some wonderful unexpected experiences.

I have thinking alot this weekend about the people in my life. I have realized how the Lord has blessed me by placing people in my life during certain times that has greatly bless me. In reviewing my patriarchal blessing this section stood out to me more than ever,

"...He will bless you with many wonderful friends. You have a keen ability to make fine friends. They will bring to you a happiness and an element of joy that will be everlasting."

**Warning-this could get cheesy and sappy and gooey, but it is sincere and from my beware :)

In reviewing friendships that have come, gone and stayed over the years I have been overwhelmed with a deep sense of gratitude. I have reviewed so many fun memories with friends. Good memories and hard ones. While I hesitate to list things out, I want to document these memories and those moments where I can now see why the Lord placed these people in my life. Christy, I thought of you holding my hand and holding me up when Mike left. I thought of Jackson Hole and Institute, Bishop Eggbert and teaching me how to repent. I could go on and on. Amber I thought of you: Vegas, Bryce, DEBS, MiraCell so many fun and carefree days. Regina, I thought of us hiking to Squaw peak a million summers ago-I have never told you how much that meant to me, it was huge. Kerri I thought of our reconciliation and what a support you were to me during school. I thought of you showing up on my doorstep crying with me after we heard the news about my Dylon. Jill I thought of crying to you on the phone about schooling and my sorrows there. I thought of how close we have become the past several years. I thought of how much fun we had when you lived with us. Janet, I thought of your faith and endurance through trials. Your experiences have strengthened me and your example is one I think of often. I love your laugh and your sincerity and great love for others. You have helped me in more ways than I can tell you. Emily, I thought of our VT visits and how much I admired how real you were about motherhood. Music to my ears. Michelle, I thought of the timing of our friendship and your help with my girls last summer. I miss you! Heather I thought about how fun you are to be around, your genuine hilarity and of course our Aberdeen ties. Janine, I thought of how real you are and how refreshing that is for me. I feel like I can sit and visit with you til the cows come home. Nikki, I thought of us doing drive bys at ISU, singing in your car and how I betrayed our friendship. I love you and I am still so sorry. Still, you have loved me and support me and continued to be my friend. I am still amazed! Brie, I thought of your blog post about me. I wish you were here longer. I have much to learn from you and I feel like we are just getting started. Jenn, I thought of our family bonds and similarities and how you have helped me deal with issues there. I thought of the love I have for you and how blessed I was to serve with you. You are amazing and strong and your spirituality has been a great example. Cali, I thought of your kindness and your instant love for me as my VTer. I told you personal things when I barely knew you and you have taken them to heart and I feel your support and love. Thank you! Tiffany, of course I thought of this weekend and your sacrifice on my behalf. your willingness to help me and your bright example of faith. I thought of your love for my children and your endless help with them. I love you! Robyn, I thought of your revelation to call me to primary and how much that has meant to me. I thought if you sitting in my home for hours listening to me ramble on about struggles. You have listened, never judged and have supported me. I love you for that! Jami, I thought of the random testimony you emailed me months ago and the odd timing of it all. You were truly inspired. Ana, I thought of the many ways you have strengthened me through your example of love, faith and devotion. You will never know how much I love you and all the ways you have influenced my life. Mom, I thought of you and your strength, your endurance through trials, your love for your children and grandchildren. I thought of the friendship we have built and how much that means to me.

It is so very true that I have been blessed with "wonderful friends". The Lord has placed each of you in my life and at specific times where I have needed you. Needed your love, your support, your advice or your ability to tell me I was being stupid. You have laughed with me and cried with me, have fasted with and for me and your prayers have lifted me during times of great sorrow. You have made great sacrifices on my behalf and supported me even when we differed in opinions. All of you women have been great influences in my life and I realize without you, I wouldn't be the person I am today. I love you all. You are all amazing, strong, vibrant women and each of you truly bring me, "an element of [great] joy".


Tiffany Bills said...


Cali said...

I do love you- but it's not cause I'm your visiting teacher- that just gave me an excuse to get inside your house more often. :) Serioiusly. I had always wanted to be friends with you- and I'm glad it has finally happened. I learn so much from you every time we're together. Love that. Love you.

Christy said...

i have always believed we were more than friends. you came to me in at a time in my life when i thought i would never find my "bestie" and i found WAY more than that...i believe that i am the more blessed in this scenerio!

l.o.v.e. YOU!!

Brie said...

Definitely mushy, but totally enjoyable. I'm so glad I posted on my blog. It's been so fun to get to know you. I'm so bummed to be leaving. I feel like we are just starting too. At least we'll always have our blogs. Hahaha. You better let me know when you are in washington this summer. I would love to experience dinner at a movie theater with you.

Emily said...

Friends are the best! Especially the real, genuine you! thanks for the sweet compliment.

Jennifer Rose said...

Love you, and sincerely miss you. What a joy it was serving with you and getting to know you. You are a blessing to SO many. You are amazing Misti.

Heather said...

I feel very fancy now! Bless Aberdeen for hooking us up. Let's craft up that shelf soon sister!

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