Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Even though it snowed all weekend we had a really nice relaxing Easter. We ate, listened to conference...napped and ate again. Good times.

There was bed head & chocolate & toys...

There was food-oh my goodness the food. I made an Easter brunch fit for a king! Chicken salad crossiants & kneaders french toast, quiche, artichioke dip & fruit tarts. I think I am still full from it.

These were Paul's fav:

This was mine:

Tiffany brought over this adorable frame and a treat for the girls. I love them! I go into the girls' rooms and see them and they make me smile. Thanks again Tiff!

And let's not forget the bunny ears. Easter just isn't the same without them.
As tradition we did our Easter lesson (WAY harder with a toddler who wanted to open them all at the same time). We also decided to share this tradition with a few friends along with some easter cupcakes. The sprinkles were supposed to look like eggs hiding in the grass...not sure it worked :).


Christy said...

love it :) The bed head is classic! And the teeth shot...so cute!

I am sad i missed Easter at the Stoddards...that food looks amazing!

Tiffany Bills said...

the Food-scrumptious (why do people have to die when you have plans?) ha

the Easter activity- shared it and LOVED it (it will be a regular at the Bills home)

the Frames- your SO welcome :)

the Bunny Ears- I want to eat her in them (we really need a pic of the 2 of them in them)


Emily said...

Oh my goodness the food! I need it!

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