Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Princess Birthday

Aubrey is all about Cinderella right now. Everything is "Cinderella" &  "Pretties" so I knew it would be a barbie birthday cake year.

I had never worked with fondant before. I love the look, but think it tastes nasty. My friend Brie told me about Marshmellow fondant so I decided to give it a whirl. It is so simple to work with (similar to playdough) and tasted way better-I still picked it off, but not bad.

Aubrey was so excited and "helped" me a lot with the cake-which means she ate the frosting and played with the fondant while I worked and she absoultely loved the final product! She had to have it by her when she ate dinner, gave it kisses and hugs and then demanded I put it on the floor after the gifts so she could take little bites. It was adorable.

She had a great birthday--Cinderella cake, Cinderella panties, Cinderella wrapping paper, Cinderella "pretty" shoes, Princess back pack (thanks again Tiff & Ty!), new tutu and Cinderella coloring books. She loved opening her gifts and said "Oh cute" after every one. It was such a fun night.

Now if we could just get her to leave the "pretty" shoes and princess back pack at home. She wore both to church today...

The princess panties and pull ups are all the rage now. I told her "don't pee-pee on Cinderella ok". So good.

She is thrilled with this doll...I laughed so hard at this picure. Captured her disturbing excitment/love/obsession perfectly!

Now the potty training and binkie weaning really start. Wish us luck!


The Browning Bunch said...

The cake looks great - I totally want to know the scoop on the marshmallow fondant!

Heather said...

The doll picture is too wonderful. I loved Aubrey's princess shoes during your testimony today. Great job on the cake. See ya Wed for sure!!!!!!!

Christy said...

she is SO funny :) i can just picture her making you put the cake by her while she ate dinner...and then on the floor to take little bites...

i wish we could have been there to celebrate...tell her happy birthday and that we love her!!

Brad and Amber said...

She can already walk in heels that's more then I can do! Your cake looked great!

Brie said...

I love the cake. It turned out so cute. Marshmallow fondant rocks! P.S. I love Aubrey's Cindrella shoes. I noticed she was wearing them at church. It made my day.

Emily said...

I am in love with her legs in the shoe picture! So adorable. Great job on that cake too, love the vintage barbie (far more than the modern ones they have these days) Our girls would be fast friends, eden's obsessed with disney princess stuff as well.

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