Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Kylee is growing up too fast for me. Last week we bought her a few camisole tops with a shelf bra inside. She's only eight, but has little nubbies (I think she would DIE if she knew I was sharing this). Whether they are just due to a little excess fat or puberty is yet to be determined, but she is mighty proud to wear them.  On Sunday she sat next to another girl in her class and proudly slipped her thumb under her strap to reveal it and gave a sly smile. The girl did the same to her bra and they gave each other "the nod".

I laughed really hard.

Kylee is also getting eavesdropping down to a science. She has to know who we are talking about and what we are saying all the time. It's so annoying, but I totally remember being that way too so I am trying to be patient with it. Sometimes I'll just make something crazy up just to see her reaction.

Messing with your kids is fun!

Ky also ran her first mile ever yesterday in just under 12 minutes. We were so proud and are still proud. Our family is preparing to run a race for the Utah County Child Abuse Prevention Foundation in April and Ky is super excited to participate. More info about the race here. Proceeds go toward a great cause that I am passionate about so I highly recommend it if you're free April 24th. And brunch at my house following the race.

Don't be too eager to grow up Ky and always remember...I loved you first :)!


Christy said...

so funny :)

I agree! Every time i see her, i can't believe how much older she seems to me.

I love that picture of you two...it is a keeper!

PS - went for a bike ride yesterday - it is going to take ALOT to condition my butt to that seat!

Brie said...

I would have killed my mom for writing about my nubbies. Hahaha. And I totally want to run in the Utah County Child Abuse Prevention Foundation 5k. However, that is the day we are moving. Is there another way that I can donate?

Tiffany Bills said...

That picture of you guys is darling! I remember my nubbies...oh wait, I STILL have nubbies! hahaha
She is awesome-love her.

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