Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Stoddard Family Christmas Party!

We held our annual Stoddard Family Christmas Party on the 21st. It was one of the funnest parties I have been to in a really long time. And I am not just saying that because we hosted it! Ha ha

We included as many of the Stoddard Fam traditions as possible:

  • Lasagna -Check!
  • Sing/yell the 12 Days of Christmas song and hold up your assigned card -Check! 
  • Russ reads Luke 2 while Joan plays, "Far, Far Away on Judea's Plain"-Check!
  • White elephant exchange for the kids-Check!
We also played games and had a few performances. For the first game, I wrapped a huge box and put gifts in it and everyone had to guess how many were inside. There were only 2 (I think I am so funny)! Hot Chocolate and Cuties. My SIL Kerri was the winner and took home both gifts. The kids had some awesome guesses-175 and 302 were my favorites. Any guess is a good one!

We also played a wrapping paper game that was so funny. You pick a partner and you wrap a gift while holding hands. I loved it. I laughed so hard. Russ and Joan were amazing and finished wrapping their box is 2:16! PROOF-that 50 years of marriage does give you better communication skills. Keaton and Regina won best wrapped-way to go!

We had a blast with everyone. We were missing a few of the Stoddard clan, but they were there in spirit. I look forward to next year's party! Robert and Kerri I think it's your turn :)!

PERFORMANCES (in order of appearance):

Gable the ventriloquist

Blythe the pianist

Kylee with her best rendition of "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas" -complete with actions

Emma with The 12 Days of Christmas-awesome!

Gherig's acoustic

And last, but certainly not least Regina's vocal stylings of "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day"


12 Days of Christmas & Luke 2

I had to post this because I love Kerri's action here-she is totally into it!

Sweet Russ! I wish we would have recorded you-

We also had a bunch of cute little toddlers. Bo and Tyson were so busy we couldn't even get a picture of their blur. They were quite the pianists themselves :)!

Sophie, it must be hard to be so cute!

Just a Christmas bow gets our child excited

Also...guess what! This is my 200th post and to honor it I am going to give everyone who leaves a comment here a special surprise-delivered to your home sometime in the next month!


Cali said...

Those are dang good pictures for being indoors! They look great. Happy 200th!

Misti said...

You dork Christy you commented on the wrong post! Cuz your my BFF I pasted it here for you out the kindess of my heart! Please note I didn't say "Personal delivery". The mailman is a good friend of mine :)!

Christy said...
I am posting not for the gift(okay, 49% for the gift) but 51% for you to come and deliver it to my house :)

I LOVE the pictures- it looks like so much fun! Maybe you could plan our christmas party for next year! Or - maybe i will just put you in charge of one of the girls weekends :)

Emily said...

Are you serious? You're really going to deliver a surprise to me all the way in the Alaska?! Or maybe it wasn't a guaranteed hand-delivery? Whatever, I'm holding out hope!
What a fun family tradition that sounds like, and anything hosted by you is guaranteed amazing!

Janine said...

Really...a treat delivered to my door. I wonder what it will be. A picture of you? Buttered treats? It looks like so much fun.

lydia moyer said...

the stod boys always say that jason is a part of their family and yet we never get invited to the family parties :) what a great family!!!

Kerri said...

Thanks for posting that sweet picute of me! I will find a way to get you back... I mean, All my love, Kerri

Cherrybaby said...

Wow- 200! I'm not holding you to bringing a present to my house. Although if you want to come to Vegas you're welcome to stay with us :-)

Brie said...

It looks like your party was a complete sucess. And happy 200th post. That's amazing.

Somerset said...

How do you find time to work, be a mom {a great mom}, support Paul in his school endeavors, and be so darned great at cooking and crafting? I think Paul really must be practicing polygamy and all the wifes work together on their posts while Misti is the poster child for the group ;)

Heather said...

why...why...why...must you be such a great photographer! Happy Christmas season to you and wow...200 posts. That stalker man must have gone through a lot of paper!

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