Tuesday, December 15, 2009

One Amazing Day...

We woke up Saturday morning to a blanket of snow and we couldn't resist! The morning was oddly warm so we stayed out for over an hour. It was so much fun!!!

I L O V E this picture!!!

I love sledding! This was Aubrey's first time and we were a little hesitant, but she was great! She wouldn't go down with any one else but her Mommy and that was fine with me!

 I think she ate a good pile of snow! At least it wasn't yellow :).

She  was also very happy and willing to share...

Kylee was brave enough to go all by herself this year! I love her face in this one...too cute.

We came home and found the snow was also PERFECT for snowman making! Here's out little guy. Kylee was very disapppointed we didn't have a top hat. I guess I'll keep my eyes open for one!

It was a great day! Not just for sledding and snowman-later that afternoon I mended a relationship with a friend whom I have greatly missed. It was an AMAZING day.

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andreyandjami said...

Those are some great pictures. It looked like such a Blast! I can't wait till Nikolai gets a bit older!

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