Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Back to School Bash

I love parties! I love to plan them...I love to go to them!

Back to School is certainly reason for celebration in my book. I loved school! I loved the new clothes and my crisp clean notebooks and new crayons...loved it all!

In late August, we invited the whole fam to Kiwainis for a little back to school BASH! It was so fun.

I had 3 boxes of crayons so I hid those all around the pavillion for the kids to find, then I had prizes for them. Even Aubrey found some crayons of her own! We ate and the kids made school buses out of twinkies and did a few skits for us, which is starting to become a tradition when we get together. I laugh so hard at what they come up with. The best, was when they pretended to be a catepillar and "pee'd" on a member of the audience. I love watching the cousins play together and make memories. The best ones I have all include my cousins!

Then, we went ice blocking at Rock Canyon. I think we all laughed the entire time! From toddler to adult. We all ice blocked down the giant hill. We laughed...some cried. And we ALL FELL DOWN!!

I took A LOT of pictures, but here are a few I heart:

Aubrey got caught scooping her own ice cream...AFTER she had a giant bowl!

And more....






Kerri said...

This was a really fun night and my first time ice blocking. I loved it. You got some great action shots!

Jennifer Rose said...

Your blog is looking as adorable as ever!

Emily said...

Ummmm.....FUUUUUUNNNNN! Can I join your family? or at the very least come to your parties? Misti, you're amazing!

Christy said...

dude...where was my invite?? Just because i am not in school anymore - doesn't mean i don't like to PART-AY!!!

I love the pictures!

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