Thursday, October 15, 2009

18 Months

On September 5th Aubrey turned 18 months!

The most exciting thing about turning 18 months is...of course-NURSERY! And in true style, Aubrey is not a big fan. I admit that I do the "dump & dash". In my defense I do check on her several times and after a bit she is just fine. The nursery leaders have informed me that she has "quite a set of lungs"...yes thank you I am fully aware!

At 18 months Aubrey....
  • Is obsessed with The Wiggles, Barney and Hairspray (Zach Efron version)
  • Will ask us to put her shoes on the second she wakes up from naps and in the morning
  • Has stopped napping altogether-on good days she will take one, but those are few & far between
  • Can say lots of words, but her new ones are Love You, Chocolate, Kylee, Cow, Cake & quack, quack
  • Still hates...let me emphasize HATES her car seat-with amazing passion
  • Loves bath time
  • Is not much of an eater
  • Loves to swing at the park
  • Constantly asks for chocolate
  • Is really InTeNSe-all the time
  • Knows exactly what "time out" is!
  • Can fold her arms, bow her head and close her eyes (for a few seconds) for prayer and lets out a weird growl sound for "Amen"
Aubrey says "Yeah" a LOT and I love that about her. Kylee said "No!" to most things, but Aubrey just says "Yeah" in her cute little way. I always want to remember that about her. We love to ask her questions just to hear her say it. She is getting quite animated in her facial expressions as well. My favorite is when she raises her eyebrows and closes her eyes for a few seconds-then opens them in the most mischievous way! She is too funny.

We are on the brink of the terrible twos and we are feeling it etching closer every day! We thought Ky was a challenging toddler...I think we have our work cut out for us-(sigh)! Live in the moment right!! Either that or just look forward to bedtime!! Ha ha

Here are a few stats: 21 lbs (still 12th percentile), 30.5 inches (still 18th percentile) and her whopping noggin is still in the 80th percentile! She is tiny, but oh so vivacious!!


Stacy Stoddard said...

from a nursery leaders perspective, i appreciate the dump and run. 99% of the time the kids all calm down within minutes and then love being in there especially when the snacks come out.

when paul gets better lets do something, maybe even find sitters and go on a double date.

Tiffany Bills said...

Oh I love her... she makes me smile! She needs to come over and shake her booty again for us! Play date with Aubry-YES PLEASE!

Cherrybaby said...

Love Nursery!! Andrew loves shoes too. Wish we could play :-) You want to come to Vegas?

Emily said...

So adorable, and to think I left when we was just a teeny beeby! Time flies I guess!

Christy said...

she is SO funny! I love the way she says Yeaaaa...with her little shaky voice :) I have loved being a part of her first 18 months...i missed that so much with both Ky and Gracie!!

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