Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Easter

We had a great Easter weekend despite the rainy weather!

Saturday we ran errands and went swimming and Sunday we had dinner with friends and relaxed.

We do Easter a little differently, I guess. We do the whole "Easter basket" thing on Saturday so we can focus on the Resurrection on Easter day. Sunday morning the kids wake up and find 12 numbered eggs. We open them all one by one. Each has a scripture with coordinating object, which outlines the atonement to the resurrection and helps us tell the story. Kylee was so enthralled. It was awesome!

I love Easter...not as much as I love Christmas, I must admit. However, there is a newness about Easter that really recharges me. I think it has to do with the flowers and the colors and the opportunity to reflect on the hope and the love our Savior has provided for us. I have been reflected on the words "He is Risen" this past week and taken the time to ponder truly what that means for me and it has made Easter a very special day as I have felt my testimony renew and strengthen!

Anyway...onto the pictures of our beautiful, talented and amazing children.

Aubrey loved her slinky and her color crayons.

She played in the chalk on Sunday, but I think she got more on her body than the sidewalk. Kylee found her basket really fast (we hid it in Aubrey's crib)...we think we're so sneaky! Bubbles are a MUST for any Easter basket!Cassidy is Kylee's best friend. She came with us to the Lehi pool on Saturday. Our Sunday eggs ready to hide! Gotta love that morning hair! Sunday morning Easter lesson.


Christy said...

So cute!!

I love the Easter basket on saturday idea. I also want your easter egg/scripture idea outline...that is perfect!

I am excited for this weekend!

Brie said...

We too do the easter bunny excitment on Saturday, but I never had anything to replace it on Sunday. What an awesome idea. Could I get a list of quotes and items? You can e-mail me at Thank!

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