Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Aubrey!

Aubrey is one whole year old! We are still trying to wrap our minds around the fact that an entire year has passed since she joined our family. I just can't say enough how quickly it has gone by, she has been an absolute joy! We have loved every minute of this past year and all the fun, smiles and laughter she has brought into our home! We just can’t get enough of her! (Ok…well sometimes at night when she is cranky we have had enough of her, but I think she has had enough of us too)! Honestly though…we are starting to get a little nervous for toddlerhood. Aubrey is vivacious, snugly, smiley, wiggly, determined, fiery and loud! A recipe destined for an adventure filled 2nd year!

We love you Aubrey! Happy Birthday!!!

Now onto the party report:

The cakes! I made two, double layer mini cakes for Aubrey and Tyson and I LOVE how they turned out. So dainty and adorable!
We had a cupcake bar for everyone else (design your own), which was a lot less messy in my mind than it turned out to be, but the kids had a blast making them...and eating them and mixing everything together. Ha!

Aubrey's cake that a dole fruit cup glued to a mini plastic dessert plate? Why yes, yes it is!
I love these shots Paul took. At first Aubrey just picked off the little dots, then she got more serious and started shoving as much as she could, as fast as she could, in her face! It was awesome!
Toward the end she was willing to share with everyone (ahhh) I was the only one brave enough to take a taste from my baby's sticky, chocolaty fingers. Verdict?...not bad!

Take home gift for the kiddos (same as the suckers in the invitation...yes, it's true I am that psycho)!
After all that sugar it was a miracle she fell asleep on the way home. Really can one stay awake all snuggled up with baby Elmo?


Brie said...

What a fun party. Everything is super cute. I love the cakes. What did you do for the dots? Sugar comas are the best way to sleep.

Emily said...

Wow, you are far too talented for your own good! I'm am utterly impressed, my kids get cake mix cakes with in boring rectangle pans! I need to branch out more. Paul is a fine photographer too, I should get some pointers from him.

Steven & Adrienne said...

What cute pics of Aubrey, and the cakes are awesome! You are so crafty and talented at everything you do. Happy Birthday Aubrey!!!

Erin said...

I love those cute little cakes. I am really hungry now!

Jaymie Tyau said...

I don't think we ever thanked you for those V-Day mini cupcake things. They were amazing and so cute and so very addicting. Your polka dot cakes look just as good. Happy Birthday Aubrey!

Erin said...

I can't believe she's a year already--time has flown!

P.S. I'm adding you to my blog so I can keep up with you guys! :)

Kathy said...

You really should quit your day job and open your own bakery! The cake? A-may-zing-ly cute! The brownies you left on my front porch? Caloric orgasm (oops, is this a family blog?) The cake-plate...handmade...are you kidding me? All I can say is WOW! (and thank you) Love ya and hope all is well.

Heather said...

LOVE the home made cake plate. I often think now when I craft...WWMD (what would Misti do). I agree with the bakery idea!

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