Wednesday, November 5, 2008

They stop at 8...right?

Aubrey is 8 months old today!

Before I had another baby I would hear people talk about how they wanted their baby to stay small forever and how they loved every minute...and blah, blah. I would always think , "that woman is smokin crack...serious!". The baby stage with Kylee to say it...HARD, to put it ever so lightly! Some days I could feel myself willing her with all I had to grow up, all the while realizing someday I would regret it. That day did come and continues to come! Of course now, I wish I could go back, do better and appreciate more. Until I figure out this time machine thing, I simply try harder to do better and be better for her now.

Here I am on #2 and she is growing so fast! Sunday night while I was giving her a bath she grabbed the front of the tub and tried to pull herself up onto her knees. I jolted her down and said, "No, no baby!", she can't really be doing that yet right? Then I saw the number 8 and it hit me! I knew exactly what those women were saying. As Aubrey reaches certain milestones I feel a little part of me sadden as I realize that she too is getting older and there is nothing I can do but soak up the goodness. I am trying my best to do just that!

At 8 months Aubrey is....
  • rolling around everywhere
  • screaming to get our attention
  • growling instead of laughing
  • starting to snuggle again
  • learning to love the car seat-no more screaming, just sleeping
  • realizing the joy of table food-she'll cry if we don't share ours
  • grabbing everything...and she is FAST so watch out
  • teething-got her first bottom tooth yesterday
  • the cutest thing I have ever seen
  • loves her Mommy the bestest! (really it's Kylee, but in my mind it's all me!)

My children have taught me some amazing life lessons-an entry I need to write soon. In her 8 months of life Aubrey has opened my eyes to the gift of motherhood. I rejoice in her dependence on me, I enjoy those moments when she just wants Mommy and I love that she cries if I walk out of the room without taking her along. I didn't learn to appreciate those things when Kylee was a baby.

With Aubrey in our home I have tried harder to slow down, live in the moment and embrace my mothering faults. She has shown me how brief this moment is and I am clinging to every second. I love you Aubrey! I am so blessed to be your Mommy!


Christy said...

love the new look!!

i also love that you are learning and growing into motherhood - i remember how hard it was for you with Ky. You certainly are a blessed momma :)

I can't believe she has a tooth now...WHAT??@#! that is crazy - she really is getting too big too fast!!

Grammy said...

That is the dang cutest picture of Aubrey in the swing - love it.


Stacy Stoddard said...

I love Aubrey in the swing and the leg warmers. It is amazing what children teach you IF you slow down to let them and enjoy them a bit.

Kirk and Kathy said...

Misti - you are getting all profound us us, what?! I love this blog, especially the reminder that we are meant to slow down and enjoy the journey. So, why do we have to blog to get caught up? Weird, right? But since I'm here, did you get the flu shot clinic rescheduled? (ha, ha - just kidding, don't answer that!)

Erin said...

I seem to remember 8 months being about the time I started to consider having another. All the sudden they are getting so big and doing so much that they are less and less the baby that you start with. I felt the same as you did with Kylee, and now i just wish Isaac would stay this age forever, or better yet, go back to when I could still rock him to sleep every night and get up with him in the middle of the night. Never thought I would miss that, but I miss it more than anything now.

Eli said...

We know the feeling. We miss little Avey, but at the same time, she just gets cuter and cuter! We miss you guys.

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