Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cheater's Never Win!

Kylee's school holds a fund raising carnival every year mid September. There are booth's, games, food and a silent auction. It's really quite the event! We signed up to help with Kylee's class booth and then went to check out the silent auction. Now, understand that all the classes in the school prepare some type of theme basket from books to scrapbook items...all really nice!! The community also donates various items. It was all pretty overwhelming last year so we didn't really participate, but this year...ohhhh they had something we really wanted!! A family photo shoot by a professional photographer valued at $250! I browsed through the portfolio and was super impressed so we decided that was what we really wanted to shoot for! Ok...that and this really cute little Frankenstein. We spent the next 40 minutes watching our items like hawks. After 10 minutes I had the Frankenstein in the BAG! So we started to really focus on the shoot. One woman would increase the bid and I would wait for something else to catch her eye then sneak over and up the ante! This carried on for 20-30 minutes with me and these 2 other woman, but I totally had Paul as my secret weapon to stand as my look out so I could throw the other women off. Ha ha! I know it sounds funny, but these things get pretty intense and some people get really cheeky! So! They announce there is only 1 minute left and I wait for the one lady to place her bid and move on and I sneak in and I put mine down at the bottom of the page. Then one of the volunteers comes over to stop the bidding because it is getting down to the last seconds and they need to stop the bidding. Let me say that again...she was a VOLUNTEER for the event! I see her man the paper and I am thinking, "Yeah I so got this in the bag!", when I see her with her little magic marker place a new bid and signal to her friend across the room that she had placed the highest! UGH! I was so irritated. The competitive person in me went over as they were counting down 5...4...3... to see how much I lost by when I notice that this "volunteer's" bid was $3 LESS than mine. So I casually stroll closer to her and show the bid (at the bottom of the page) and say "Excuse me but this person's bid is higher" which she stammers and sputters and finally circle's my number and moves on! Yay!

The moral of this story? CHEATERS NEVER WIN!!!

Click Here for Kiera Eve's blog she is the photographer and is amazing!! Check out her portfolio pics! We are so excited! We are scheudled for this Friday!

Here is my Frankenstein! I love him!


Madsens said...

the fact that she was a volunteer would PISS me off!! I am glad that you pointed out that you bid was higher :) that is awesome!!

I love your little frankenstein - my mom has a santa and a easter bunny like that. I always tell her that they were meant to be her kids - because they have chicken legs - just like her :) ha ha!

trine k said...

awesome, I'm so glad you called her out, how lame was she! Congrats on BOTH your wins, I can't wait to see how the pictures turn out- her site had some AMAZING pictures on them- where are you going to take them at?

Stacy Stoddard said...

you are AWESOME. i would never have stuck to it that long, nor would i have had the guts to go call her on it. way to go.

Kiera said...

This is hilarious!! I cant believe the nerve. Did she just not see your bid? Well, I'm glad that YOU won. This shoot is going to be so fun! I seriously can hardly wait!!!

I sent you an email, be sure to get back to me so I know what you wanna do. : )

Wizzard_MoM said...

I'm glad you won too!! Kiera is aweome and so very talented. I'm sure you won't be disapointed. Have Fun!!

Jessica Stier said...

I'm glad you won too! Keira is an awesome photographer and a really cool gal to boot. You are going to have so much fun AND have fantastic results.


wonder woman said...

I'm a friend of Kiera's and came to read the story - I'm glad you won!! You obviously earned it. And that lady probably only "volunteered" so that she could have an "in" at the auction.

Good for you! Kiera is positively AMAZING and one of my favorite people in the world.

Kirk and Kathy said...

Good for you! Glad you were paying attention!!

Heather said...

Yaaa!!! I like to call it "being a ninja"! So way to ninja the pictures. It looks like she is a great photographer too.

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