Friday, June 27, 2008


I had to post this hilarious clip of Kylee, but I need to preface...

Kylee recently realized that...maybe her singing voice isn't that great, which is mostly true but she loves to sing so we encourage her? One day she had her dad's stethescope on and was singing into it. This is the converstaion that followed:

" you think I sing good?"
"Yay Ky you sing fine"
"Really? Cuz I was listening to myself in your telescope and I think I sound HORRIBLE...yep! horrible!"

What can you really say to that??? She was so matter of fact!

Remembering this story I caught a little clip of her singing with her headphones on in the car on the way home from Idaho (full blast I might add...even after I asked her to turn it down twice! Yeah, I am turning into my mom!)

If you have never seen the movie...this song is performed by a bratty rich girl who needs everything "fabulous". You can hear her sing it 3 times and then she is searching for an "R" in her wordsearch game. Too funny! It nevers gets old to me...I laugh everytime!

Never stop singing Kylee! I love it!



Steven & Adrienne Jensen said...

That is way cute!!! I love seeing her sing, and she is just so funny and cute!

Madsens said...

I don't know why she thinks it is terrible - I think she sounds "sooo beautiful!" :) I love Ky!!

Brett and Rachael said...

LOL, that made me laugh so hard! I watched it several times. She is such a funny girl.

Eli said...

Aahhh... kids. Gotta love 'em!

Jensen Family said...

Well hello. Just thought I would say Hi since I found your blog thanks to Heather. So hello. Your page looks cute. The stories of your little girls are so funny. Anyways, this is Nichole Jensen

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