Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Tribute To My BFF...

A true friend reaches for your hand and touches your heart. ~Author Unknown
I haven't updated the old blog in a while and I thought it fitting that my first one in nearly a month be a tribute to my BFF...Christy Lynn Madsen.
Christy and I have been friends since...forever it seems like, but really it's been about 10 years. We have been together through life’s up and downs; through first loves and heartaches, through family devastations and the pain that follows-through graduations to engagements to weddings to new babies…and so much more! As I think back, our road is colored with the trials and triumphs of life. Along the way I see her in nearly every big event of my life-cheering me on or coming to my rescue…
Last month I was feeling so overwhelmed with taking care of the girls alone, while Paul prepared for finals and took his CNA courses at night, that I needed help! Immediately, I thought of her. I knew I could go to her home, hand her my crying baby and never think twice about it. Toward the end of our trip I think Aubrey was starting to like her more than me! Which is just “Christy”…she can do stuff like that…it’s amazing to me. Once again, there she was coming to my rescue, like she always does and always has throughout my life…so I wanted to give her this little tribute and tell her how amazing she is and how lucky I am to have her as my best friend! So this is my tribute to you Christy! You are the bestest friend anyone could ever ask for and I sure love you! Here are some pics to blast you into the past...

I can't see a Denny's and not think of our time there...trying to get tips while hosting...Samuel, Damon, Jeff...and all our Mexican friends!

Remember my awesome bday when you took me to Lagoon? We forgot a brush so we "borrowed" a fork from Olive Garden so we could do our hair-that was awesome!

Jackson Hole! Oh the fun we had! White water rafting...hiking to hidden falls and phelps lake...skinny dipping in Jenny's lake...Alby's bakery...working for an hour at a hat place...faking sick to play in the mountains! Good times!!

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Madsens said...

holy cow is that a trip down memory lane or what?? I love triping down memory lane with you - we had SUCH a good time. The memories are always so fresh! Wouldn't you love a Jackson reunion?? Man oh man :) I consider myself SOOOO blessed to know you and to have met you. You came into my life at such a crucial time and I thank Heavenly Father for that ALL of the time!

Everything you have shared can be turned around as a ditto to you! I love you - you are a wonderfully amazing person and I am continually learning so much from you. :)

I am just glad that you didn't post that picture you framed for me...what a horribly embarrasing picture!

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