Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Lost a tooth!!!

This weekend Kylee jiggled her tooth pretty loose biting on a glove (of all things). With all the cousins here they talked her into pulling it out. Now I have to preface this… do I put a wuss? zero tolerance for pain :)! Friday night half of the cousins followed her around as she would tell them "she was going to pull it out!" then all of her little entourage would follow her-upstairs. After she chickened out it would be…“I want my dad to pull it out”, downstairs, into the bathroom, into the kitchen. Each and every time she wouldn’t be brave enough to actually yank it out...."She wanted her uncle Robert to do it"...."she wanted to pull it out herself"...and on an on. These cousins followed her around for 2 hours with the hopes of seeing that tooth yanked no avail.

Well today we had a dentist appointment where the dentist and I talked her into letting him put some medicine on it to make it “sleepy” and he would gently…yes we assured her… “gently” yank the sucker out! She was a little hesitant, but she finally gave in (you have to understand this tooth has been the topic of conversation, stress and tears in our home since Thursday night…I just wanted all the drama to be over!!!). So in one swift yank…the tooth was out. Kylee did cry for a second and shed 2 or 3 tears, until the dentist asked her if she wanted to see it and all the pain was worth it for one little tiny tooth!

Way to go Kylee!


Madsens said...

YEA for loose teeth! I can just imagine the drama that she produced with that one - you did a good job at describing the events :)

Stacy Stoddard said...

Kylee way to be brave with the dentist, I don't think I would have wanted my uncles to pull my tooth out either especially with a big audience.

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