Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Kylee Montana!

Once a month I try to take Kylee out for a little lunch date. We decided we better go soon since the baby will be here shortly. She chose Red Robin for lunch and then we window shopped around the mall. We happened by Claire's Boutique where they a huge "Hannah Montana" display in the front window. Of course Kylee had to go inside and look. She oogled and googled over all the stuff and then stumbled upon...the Hannah Montana wig! She loved it and looked at me with that...'will you please buy this for me' pathetic look. It took me exacly 1/4th of a second to say NO WAY! I didn't want this nasty plastic thing hanging around our house, but I reminded her she had her own money and if she wanted it she could buy it with her own money (it took her exactly 1/8th of a second to decide to buy it).

She was so excited! We put it on before we even got outside and she was beaming! As we were walking out to the car she said, "This is the best day of my life"! Here are her awesome pics. To see Kylee's debut go see her video clip on the Madsen's blog...too cute! http://benjandchristy.blogspot.com/


Emily Averett said...

Wow, that is definitley worth 12 dollars! I want one! Money well spent!

kim said...

That was too funny. I can just see how it will fit in a wedding slide show.

Erin said...

I am laughing out loud and tearing up a bit. That video absolutely made my day!

Stacy Stoddard said...

I love the video clip she is awesome. Ky Ky...I want to see you perform Hannah Montana in person.

I will let you print extra pages at my house next time if i can see you sing in your wig.

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