Saturday, February 16, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

I must admit we are not big Valentine's people. With our anniversary just a few weeks seems silly to profess our love through a Hallmark card! Instead, we have started a tradition of Chineese take-out and molten lava cake.

We enjoyed our lo mein and wontons over candelight at home and had a nice evening. Then Kylee and I delivered some cupcakes we made to our friends in the neighborhood. A great Valentine's Day.

Our romatical table-scape!

Lava cake for dessert!

Our rose cupcakes!

I helped in Ky's class for their V-Day party. It was so cute to see them all excited! Here is Kylee and Cassidy after their big party with all their Valentine mail!


kim said...

Cute cute cupcakes!!! Glad you had a nice day. We didn't do anything this year. I got the kids cd's and that's about it. It's hard to be romantical when your husband lives 2+ hours away.

Emily Averett said...

I need your recipe for lava cakes, they look delish, ours weren't near as eye-appealing!

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