Tuesday, February 26, 2008

1 Week Left!

Here I am in all my 9 month glory! I am looking forward to saying goodbye to contant heartburn, swollen feet and peeing every time I sneeze!


kim said...

You mean you won't always pee when you sneeze??? Something went wrong with me--or maybe it was having 4 children.

You look darling and not anywhere near ready to deliver. Some of us get huge. And I mean huge to the point that at 6 months people are coming up and saying I look miserable, when is the baby due. And you're face is beautifully slim. I think I could hate you:) We are very excited for this baby and doing all we can to be there for the blessing. Love you!!!

Emily Averett said...

The day is fast arriving, I hope it all goes well and can't wait to see this new little baby...hurray for no more heartburn or barfing!

Madsens said...

you are so cute!! Can't wait to see you this weekend!!

trine k said...

you look SO great! And yeah, what is the deal with not getting the prego fat face?? everyone's supposed to get that..grr.. :) We are SO excited for you! Let us know as soon as she comes and we would love to see you asap!

Hilary said...

You look great! Good luck with the whole giving birth thing. I have enjoyed reading your blog about all your fun pregnancy adventures. Hope everything goes well!!

Ryan & Tiffany said...

You look super cute! Your hair is different, it looks really cute! You have a cute belly. You totally don't have the "9 month pregnant look." Some girls just look like they are miserable and ready to pop, you just look cute! Can't wait to see pictures of her soon!!! Good luck!

Bracan & Rachel said...

Hey Paul, we found your blog because Kim found ours. It's fun to see your family and so exciting that you will be welcoming another little one soon!

Misti, you look great. My belly is popping out to China by 9 months. But I understand wanting to be done.

So, you are in Provo? I have been down your way several times and visited with Christina Barnard(Bond) and her two little boys. One of these days we will have to get together.

Erin said...

I am so excited! Please call or text me as soon as I can come and snuggle her!

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