Monday, December 31, 2007

Induced Yay!

I have been gearing up to have a special talk with my midwife about getting induced. I keep having this reoccurring bad dream where they can't get the baby out of me and when they finally do they can't get her to breathe. Needless to's a scary one for me! I am sure it is from the residue of Kylee's birth...never really dilating...going over and she had pooped and breathed that into her lungs and there was blood in the amniotic fluid...etc. So I went in on the 20th prepared for a huge discussion and she just said "that sounds fine". We talked a little more and she said as long as I dilate to a 1.5 then they would induce on the 4th of March. I am fine going until the 11th so that was great news...I just really really do NOT want to go over. That is a hell no woman should experience after being pregnant for nine months! Great news! Now...if I can just dilate!!!

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