Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cookie Plates...Ugh!

Every year we make cookie plates for our friends and family. For me this is a super fun way for our family to be together and spread the holiday cheer. It really gets me in the holiday mood and helps me feel like Christmas is here. This year was a whole different experience....

With all that I have had going on these past 4 weeks I was really holding out for this Friday. It was going to be a day our whole family would spend together in the kitchen listening to Christmas music, baking and laughing. Or at least that is what I envisioned! The day, however, turned out to be nothing like I had expected.

I, alone, spent the morning making all the cookie dough because Paul really wanted to cut Toby's hair and Cassidy came over to play so Kylee wanted nothing to do with baking. I was slightly disappointed, but I really didn't want it to get me out of the spirit. As I put the first batch in the oven I was happy with how fast it all was going considering I was working alone. Then...duh duh duh. The oven was not working!? It said it was at 350, but was really only heating to 200. Paul came and tried a few things with no luck. Then tried to call a few service guys who were not available for same say service. At this point...I was starting to lose my holiday cheer. Paul left to go find a part that he wasn't sure would even fix the problem and I decided to go take a nap (hoping this would help me not become frustrated).

After the nap and $40 down the tube (the part Paul got didn't fix the problem). I was so sad. Not because the oven wasn't working, but I suddenly realized that I had taken the whole day off and spent it mostly alone. No Christmas music, no sharing in the laughter of my family...and no holiday cookies. Paul left again to find another part somewhere and I decided I might as well clean the house and salvage a whole day lost when I just broke down and started crying. I mean I really cried! Toby was there and tried to comfort me, but to no avail. I cried and cleaned while I cried and sort of felt better. Then I decide to go to Neal & Stacy's and try to salvage all the dough. We were there until 11:30pm baking! (thanks again guys)! And 3 batches of cookies were ruined...but at least I could get some of the baking done!

The weekend was not a total waste in the end. On Saturday Paul did fix the oven for a tenth of the cost it would have been if we would have called a service man-you are amazing honey! And I was able to get the whole family in the kitchen to assemble the plates. We turned on Christmas music and had a fun time. It's funny how just 30 minutes of togetherness could heal my hurt and disappointment.

We delivered some of the plates to our friends and it was so fun and so exhausting, but I felt more Christmas-y after each delivery! This whole experience solidifies that this was our last year with cookies plates!!! If you received one...cherish it! Next year...I am thinking clementines will be great gifts!!

Here is the picture of Kylee's giant sugar cookies she made for all her little friends (cut out and frosted herself!!!) . She had so much fun delivering them and was so proud! More pics of this event-fullness to come!!


ben and christy said...

That sucks about the stove - I wish I were there...maybe a day full of SVU would have cheered you up :) There is NOTHING more frustrating than an appliance or your car breaking down...We are coming down tomorrow and may stop by.

I sure love you!!

shanebeck said...

I know how you feel some times the holidays can be hard. I remeber a time when I thought you kids didn't like the christmas presents and I cried all day long. Those are the times we know we are human!

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