Monday, September 24, 2007

Wasatch Fall Festival!

Friday was Wasatch Elementary's annual "Fall Festival". A carnival style fundraiser that Kylee has been looking forward to since school started. We helped at her class "Wheel of Fortune" booth and had fun watching Ky with her friends. We realized that our daughter is quite the social light too. She knew everyone's name in her class and when she saw them would run up and say hello. It was cute! The festival also featured a "silent auction"...which to Paul & I wasn't so "silent". They had a sheet of paper where you could see the bids, but instead of listing your name you had a number. Some of the packages were really extravagant and most went for over $100! It was hilarious to watch people in the last minutes of the auction. We laughed at an old man and a younger women fighting over a Christmas would make a bid and slowly walk away then the other would come back and try to sneak in a bid! Too funny! I am sure the school raised thousands of dollars just on the silent auction alone. I was very disappointed to find out all the money was going to a new school marquee instead of something more useful to the children, but oh well. We did have a good time!

Kylee & Cassidy after their cotton candy attacked them. They didn't seem to mind their faces all sticky! Paul Mitchell school had a booth where they did hair. Kylee loved her "princess up-do"!

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ben and christy said...

mmmmmmmmm - cotton candy - lucky!! That is weird that they would use all that money that the kids and their parents are working to raise for a marchee...and not something more fun on the playground or something??? Oh well, the politics of education, you've got to love them!!

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