Friday, September 28, 2007

Grateful for Sister-in-Laws!

I called my sister-in-law today, which I guess started my reflection of all this...I don't know. I started thinking about all my sister-in-laws and how grateful I am to know them. I realized that each one has taught me an invaluable lesson in one way or another and I am truly blessed to be associated with these great women.

One night after (yet another) frozen meal from Costco I mentioned to Paul how I really longed for a home cooked meal. The very next day one of my sister-in-laws asked us to dinner. I really felt like she had answered my prayer (and Paul's too I am sure). Spending the evening eating and chatting with them was so fun! The next week, another sister-in-law came to visit and to drop off a treat. Seeing them was wonderful and it made me feel so loved.

I can't express how those simple acts of kindness touched my heart. Now...I won't pretend we are all best friends, that we all get along, and that we all spend tons of time with each other....because fact is we really don't. However, there is a bond that connects us. We are always there for each other should the need arise and in the end I think that is all that really counts. All of them are amazing women and I feel blessed to know them. I love you all!

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kim said...

Ahhhh... the guilt of living so far from family to help, the gratitude for family looking after one another and loving one another, Know there is always an open door and lots of homecooked food waiting for you. It only takes 12 joyous hours to get here. Love you!!!

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