Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Baby Update!

I saw my midwife today and heard the baby's heart beat again. Nice and strong. I have been a little nervous about how well things are growing with all this vomit coming out of me! The prenatals haven't stayed down so I switched to Flinstone's chewable vitamins and so far so good! I need this little person to get extra goodness from somewhere.

I also gained 2 lbs and was relieved (i have lost nearly 11 lbs since getting pregnant and have been worried about that for the last few weeks). I am also starting to show...which is pretty depressing because I am not really big enough for maternity clothes so it just looks like I have a pot belly. I really just thought it was fat until my Dr. showed me how high my uterus was today (right on my belly button). It was glorious to know it is baby and not just all fat!!!

I have also started to feel the baby move now and that is wonderful. It is the only thing I really missed after having Kylee and I have secretly been looking forward to it. I just love that feeling!

All in all I am starting to feel better. The days are much better (not so nauseous), but nights are still the same yuckiness. Although...I feel like things are on the up and up. My headaches are getting really rough so the doc said to get a massage. I am pretty sure that was a prescription...not just a suggestion so I see a nice massage in my future!

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