Thursday, July 5, 2007

4th of July Fun!

I had one of the fun-est 4th of July's since I can remember. Very relaxing! We went to the Freedom Days Festival in the morning and watched part of the parade (I will never understand Utah people and parades...they sleep out to get a "good seat"...its a parade...seriously!). We enjoyed great food from one of the vendors at the festival and looked around at all the booths. Paul went to work and Kylee and I braved Seven Peaks. We lasted about and hour before we gave up. Too many people! Next stop...home for a long nap...ahhhh!

Later in the evening we went to Mark and Regina's for the Stodmor Stadium of Fire! We had fun talking and laughing and of course the kids loved the fireworks! Tyler and Ricky (Regina's brother and companion) came as well. I always enjoy chatting with them. It was a good day...and all that fun it made it really hard to come in to work this morning!

Kylee thoroughly enjoying a sparkler...

Kylee 1 minute after the sparkler fun...burnt herself!

Kylee, Blythe and Darian.


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ben and christy said...

Looks like you guys had TONS of fun :) We were down there and I wish I would have called you - we ended up taking ben's dads boat out and getting stuck on utah lake - called 911 and had to be towed in...just our luck eh?? The picture of events unfolding is so funny - so happy with a sparkler but they dangerous little bastards will burn you at the turn of your head...ha ha!

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