Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Always...Carry A Spare!

Christy and her fiance Ben, came to stay with us this weekend and on Friday night we had quite the adventure together! Christy called around 9:00 telling me they had flat tire and were stuck (literally...they had no spare) up by Thanksgiving Point. I happened to be in American Fork at the time with my trusty AAA card so we went up to rescue. Shocked that an eagle scout would not ensure he carried a spare I had to tisk tisk Ben when I got there! After a long wait on the freeway the tow truck guy arrived, a little unprepared and looking a lot like Thor from the movie Adventures in Babysitting (...if you haven't seen this one you are really missing out) with the blonde hair and all! He plugged the tire which got us to the nearest gas station where Ben preceded to put air in the tire to the point of total explosion. A bang that I feel like I am still hearing! I am still trying to determine why the tire exploded...was it damaged or did Ben put too much air in...a mystery that will never be solved. After a grueling 2 hours we finally left the car at the gas station to resume our rescue after a good nights rest. In the end...we fetched a new tire for the car and all was well. Let this be a lesson to all you eagle scouts...I believe your motto is "Be Prepared"...that includes carrying a spare!

Thor in all his glory!

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ben and christy said...

Ben will learn from his wife to what it really means to be an eagle scout :)

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